The Year of the Garden

    2022 was deemed the Year of the Garden in the House of Commons last year and launched just this past Sunday. Because of this, the Canadian Garden Council has declared this Year of the Garden an opportunity to ‘Learn and Get Inspired”, “Do and Get Results,” and “Experience and Enjoy” gardening. This Year of the Garden has never been more important than when discussing Community Gardens. – “People are looking for ways to be connected.”

    Expand your Skills

    The Year of the Garden

    Community gardens are a way of helping people learn or expand gardening skills. Firstly, they provide fresh, locally grown food to people within our community. Gardening in the community “nourishes not just the body, but also the soul and our understanding of one another.” And secondly, no matter where you’re gardening, it allows people to come together and do something they love.

    Allow Children to Learn

    The Year of the Garden

    Gardening together can provide a respite in difficult times and help us better understand our differences and similarities. And, if we can make the garden more family-friendly, we will be able to give families with kids an outlet where they feel welcome. In conclusion, Doing this allows them more freedom to garden, explore, and share their love of gardening with their kids – the next generation!

    Your Invitation

    The Year of the Garden

    So this is an invitation to all of you who got your hands dirty last year and anyone who wanting to get some dirt under your fingernails this year. Tell us what you would like to do to make the garden grow.
    Well, -Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

    Top 5 Vegetables Recommended for Community Gardens

    The Year of the Garden

    These low-maintenance plants are great for growing in your community garden.

    Beets- You can plant them for a late spring or a fall harvest.
    Leeks- Are long-season vegetables, which means they will take about 110 days from planting until harvest.
    Peppers- Sweet peppers can be expensive to buy at the grocery store, so they’re one of the vegetables giving you the most bang for your
    Swiss Chard-Is similar to kale in that you plant it in spring, and it keeps producing leaves all season long. 
    Tomatoes- Tomatoes might be the most popular vegetable to grow in community garden plots around the country! There are thousands of varieties to choose from.

    Plan for Harvest

    The Year of the Garden

    When planning out what to grow in your community garden plot this year, think strategically about the vegetables and focus on the ones you can tend from afar.
    That way, if you get busy in summer and can’t visit for a while, you won’t waste food or be disappointed that you missed out on an eagerly anticipated harvest.

    If you happen to have more questions about Community Gardens and want to learn more, click here.

    Thanksgiving is here

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Veronika Kovecses

    Do you love to garden? Share your hints and tips with us here in the comments!

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    Jocelyn Weatherbe

    Just want to remind my fellow gardeners that patience (especially at this time of year) is a virtue.