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Oh To BE A Bride – Loved Again Bridal – Downtown Barrie

COVID may have doors shut, but brides, well, brides are still brides!  Yes weddings have changed in the past year, but the day of the Fairy tale wedding is not over!  Oh To be a Bride!

I spoke today with Megan Blades of “Loved Again Bridal” in downtown Barrie.

Loved Again Bridal is the only consignment shop in Barrie for all that is dresses when it comes to weddings.

Great Styles & Great Prices!

Loved Again Bridal takes pride in their choices in trends, styles and the conditions of their dresses.  They’re so happy to offer clients a variety of designer wedding gowns that will not break the bank. 

All of Megan’s clothing choices, whether new or lovingly used are on consignment.  This allows for fantastic savings of 50-70% off retail pricing!

With such good pricing this makes Loved Again Bridal the “First Stop Shop”!

Ready Made To Fit Your Budget!

Even though weddings this past year have been smaller and more intimate, brides are still beautiful in their choice of dresses.  The photos are stunning! 

Megan has a dress for every bride’s budget.  She finds the mark up in Bridal Salons astronomical – so has made it her mission to be able to dress all ages and all tastes in fashion – whether it be your wedding, prom, graduation or gala appropriate evening wear!

Having a Pulse On the Industry!

Having been in business for 10 years, Megan has her pulse on the industry.  In fact, Megan has a secret and I can’t tell….Follow her Social Media so you don’t miss it!

Megan Blades started her career actually wanting to work as a Police Officer after receiving her Honors Degree in Psychology.  However, many times when she was looking for high end fashions for herself – she found them in  consignment shops at far better prices –and her fate was sealed!

We’re really happy that it worked out that way!

Loved Again Bridal is one of the ‘must see’ shops downtown.

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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