Companies in Barrie are no longer content to do well.  Today many businesses also make it their mission to do good!

    Here at Barrie Uncovered not only do we believe in helping our community; we believe in the importance of recognizing the other socially responsible companies.

    These companies deliver unquestionable value to all customers and their supporters – as well as their investors and community.

    Barrie Uncovered and the Community

    Barrie Uncovered has been working at collaboration projects over the last year.  These collaborations allow us to assist charitable organizations in the wake of this new world.

    One very near and dear to our hearts is Food Bank Canada’s Covid Relief Fund.  Barrie Uncovered has always been engaged in our local Arts and Entertainment Industry. Early on we realized that during these shutdowns performers simply have very little income earning power.  We also realized that many Canadians have real time struggles simply putting food on the table.

    Collaborating with various groups, Barrie Uncovered is striving to bring this reality to the forefront.

    Food Bank Canada Needs Dollars

    We can help by using our social platforms.  To do this properly we rely on assistance from our local Social Investors. 

    To date Barrie Uncovered has collaborated with Canada’s Top Mayor Award program, Bring Your ‘Eh Game and Barrie Live Music. Now with our own initiative Humour4Hunger/Hunger4Humour – we’re once again raising money for Food Bank Canada’s Covid Relief Fund.

    In this endeavor, Barrie Uncovered connected with some of this country’s best entertainers in the Humour Industry to bring attention to the cause.

    Please join us on Wednesday evenings at 8pm to enjoy light hearted laughter and help raise funds for Food Bank Canada’s Covid Relief Fund.

    Introducing Jim Fockens of Lilley Financial Group/RG Leslie Insurance

    Jim Fockens of Lilley Financial Group/RG Leslie Insurance tells us that they stay very involved in the community as Social Investors. 

    Lilley Financial Group works closely with Empower Simcoe, Barrie‘s Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, with a special spot for our local SPCA.

    Jim mentioned that through Rotary and Kiwanis especially, they have seen their fundraising abilities dwindle because of Covid; yet for the same reason the needs in the community have gone up so much that they have started to use their reserve funds.

    Knowing this, Barrie Uncovered, is especially pleased that Lilley Financial Group/RG Leslie Insurance has so generously contributed as a Platinum Sponsor for Humour4Hunger.

    Introducing Bryan Moffatt of Moffatt’s Mazda

    As Social Investors, Bryan Moffatt and his family have proudly supported many Shriner and Rotary events, Charity Golf Tournaments, Easter Seals Ontario along with helping numerous other social endeavors.

    In speaking with Bryan, he mentioned that during Covid his main focus has been being able to keep his staff safe and secure – certainly a process at the best of times! 

    Barrie Uncovered is so pleased that they are a Gold Sponsor for our Humour4Hunger program!

    Introducing David Winnitoy and Andrew Zyp of Stewart Esten LLP

    David and Andrew have both explained how active Stewart Esten LLP is as Social Investors within the community.  Not only are they the annual lead sponsor for the Barrie Film Festival but also play a large part with Hockey Helps the Homeless and Season’s Centre for Grieving Children among others.

    Covid has certainly changed our involvement with our endeavors at this time.  Normally we enjoy being present but with COVID those abilities have changed.  For instance Barrie Film Festival was lucky enough to be held at the Drive-in, but many others were either on line or cancelled. 

    Our own business is deemed essential, so we have been able to work through the shut downs.  The biggest change that we found was the need for even tighter team work!

    Both Andrew and David feel that it’s very important to be socially invested in their community.  Working towards local needs and the Food Bank as a vital provider to those in need is one endeavor they’re very happy to help with.

    Many thanks from Barrie Uncovered for their Platinum Sponsorship!

    Introducing Steve Burch of Infiniti Printing Solutions

    Infiniti Printing Solutions owner, Steve Burch, is all about the community.  Steve told Barrie Uncovered that he’s been very thankful that many of his clients were deemed essential services, so they were able to stay up and running.

    Steve also let us know that they just love being able to help people in general.  They’ve helped out many families make Christmas a special day over the years, and have done fundraising for many sports teams. 

    Sports are near and dear to the Burch Family having a daughter who is a first class soccer player! (Lots of practice – just no games)

    Thank you Steve and Infiniti Printing Solutions for such invaluable assistance with Humour4Hunger/Hunger4Humour!

    Our Thanks

    On behalf of everyone collaborating on this wonderful endeavour Barrie Uncovered wishes to thank these companies once again.

    It is the Social Investors within our community that truly make a community a heartfelt place!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit : Stephen Elliot

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