And we’re off!  Alliance Billiards owner, Georgia Makrygiannis, was right behind the eight-ball to welcome you back!  However with our area being in the grey zone again…

    Once patrons are able to come back in for pool…..  Alliance Billiards wants to let us know that if your team or group of friends wants to beef up their skills – they’ll take reservations for groups of 10.

    It couldn’t get much better than that!

    For those of us not that into the game – we’re still able to get the same great food and alcohol for eat in or pick-up and delivery.

    Georgia was so thrilled at being able to welcome everyone back. She still wants you to know just how important you are! 

    Alliance is cleaning everything (Tables/balls/cues/etc.) with Microban, and will continue to do so once they’re able to re-open the tables.  Your safety is their first concern!

    Alliance is still running their daily specials, has family sized trays and does catering as well!

    Alliance Billiards - Daily Bar Specials

    12 Noon – 6pm Daily

    Domestic Bottles $4.50

    Domestic Tallboys $5.50

    Flat Rate Pool or Darts $7.00

    Alliance Billiards - Daily Meal/Drink Specials


    Philly Steak .n Cheese $9.00

    Domestic 14 oz. Draft $5.00


    Nachos for 2 $10.00

    Whiskey Wednesday (any 1 oz. Whiskey shot) $5.00


    Poutine $7.00

    Baked Potato Poutine $9.00

    Wine $5.00


    Bud Draft ‘n Burger $12.00

    Sunday Caesars (a meal in a glass) $4.50


    ½ Price Wings $7.50

    Domestic Mini Pitcher $7.00


    2.4.1. Appetizers

    Domestic 20 oz. Pint $6.00


    Chicken Caesar Wrap $6.00

    Cooler ‘n Shots Buy 1 get 1 ½ Price

    Special of the Month

    Alliance Wheel with side $6.50

    Alliance Billiards - Family Sized Dinners and More!

    Greek Salad                                                Small $5.00              Large $10.00 

    Spanakopita                                                   Small $6.00         Large $20.00

    Cabbage Rolls                                            Small $6.00             Large $20.00

    Stuffed Peppers                                          Small $6.00            Large $20.00

    Lemon Chicken/Potatoes                          Small $6.00             Large $20.00 

    Greek Meatballs                                         Small $6.00             Large $20.00

    Dolmadakia                                                 Small $6.00              Large $20.00

    Gyros Pita and Fries $8.00

    (Small is single serving/Large will feed 4-6 people)

    Just make sure to Call for your larger orders!

    Remember – there is no line-up at Alliance Billiards!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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