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Watching Football on Sunday? Watch This Show First

Barrie’s Football Guru Joins Barrie Uncovered

If you have a rooting interest (as in, a financial stake) in this week’s slate of football games, we’re here to help you.

Barrie Uncovered is excited to welcome local football prognosticator Iron Bruce to our stable of talent.

Following a hostile takeover attempt, a failed corporate merger and several hours of hurling profanities in various watering holes across town, our intrepid President Ian finally convinced him to join the team.

It’s an impressive get. Iron Bruce is Barrie’s secret weapon in the realm of predictions. He’s been  podcasting picks for the last few years with ridiculously high accuracy rates.

And it’s entertaining! His humorous insights are a welcome alternative to the stiff banter of the hundreds of analysts huddled around panel desks regurgitating stats and graphs.

You can see some of Iron Bruce’s previous shows right here.

The first stream of the season goes on our FB page Sunday at 11am.

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