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“Marvelous” Mark Smither is Barrie’s Next Great Talent

"Marvelous" Mark Smither is Barrie's Next Great Talent

“Marvelous” Mark Smither is Barrie’s Next Great Talent

Local Pro Boxer Mark Smither Looks to Stay Undefeated in Upcoming Bout Against Cody Kelly

Mark Smither (right) connecting with a right hand against Fernando Sebastian Bravo (left).
Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

If you’re unfamiliar with the Canadian boxing scene, allow me to introduce you to rising star “Marvelous” Mark Smither. Smither, 29, is an undefeated professional boxer (5-0) who trains and fights out of Barrie, Ontario. A 2x Golden Gloves champion, Smither notched over 100 amateur fights on his belt before finally turning pro in 2019.

I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Smither to discuss his upcoming fight against Cody Kelly (3-2-3), his life as a fighter, and what it means to represent the city of Barrie and his community. United Boxing Promotions proudly presents The New Era fight card on Dec. 4 at the CAA Centre in Brampton, Ontario, at 6:30 PM.

photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Early Days

Smither first started amateur boxing in 2008. “My dad used to be a boxer, so I started liking boxing from him,” Smither explained. Smither doubled down on his assertion to pursue a career as a boxer when his mother encouraged his decision. “I started in the Novice Division and ended up winning a few championships. Then, I moved to Open Class. By 2015-2016, I became a Golden Glove champion and won it again the year after that.”

Before going pro, Smither took a crack at earning a spot on the Olympic national team, falling just short in the qualifier finals. However, Smither’s audition had left a lasting impression on United Boxing Promotions and promoter Tyler Buxton, who eventually signed Smither to a growing stable of talented athletes.

Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

The Team Behind the Fighter

For Smither, the end goal is to fight for a Canadian championship. A decisive victory on Dec. 4 will get him one step closer to turning that dream into a reality. Finding stability in his everyday life has enabled Smither to continue evolving as a fighter, and none of that would be possible without his team at Kas Kitchens.

“I started with my best friend Mathew Barkley, who owns Kas Kitchens, and worked my way into becoming a project manager there. It’s a lot easier now that I’m a project manager. I work 9-5, can train in the mornings, train at night, and Matt has supported me throughout the entire journey. Kas Kitchens is also one of my biggest sponsors,” Smither stated. Additionally, Smither’s coaching team of Jack Ireland and Jonathan Martin keep him sharp, focused, and prepared for any obstacle thrown his way.

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Despite being 100% committed to fighting, Smither acknowledges the importance of life outside of the sport. “At the end of the day, boxing is not my entire life. I have a beautiful family outside of boxing, I have a great job, but I dedicate myself and make sure I’m training to my fullest.” Smither’s perfect 5-0 start as a pro is a testament to his strong work ethic.

Photo Credit: Virgil Barrow

What it Means to Represent Barrie

For Smither, representing his community is added incentive to succeed. “Barrie’s great,” he exclaimed. “My family and friends live here. I love the waterfront and downtown core that the city has to offer. I even worked as a bartender at the Queens, who will be sponsoring the event. I’m happy to represent the city of Barrie and put that on my back.”

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

If All Goes Well on Dec. 4, What’s Next for Mark Smither?

If you ask Smither or anyone from his camp, the only acceptable outcome is victory. On the horizon, Smither eyes February as a desired return date to the ring. “We’re looking for a fight in February. Bringing in another opponent for a tune-up fight, once we get the win on Dec. 4, there could be some big news on a Canadian title shot after that. We’d also love to host a show in Barrie at some point.”

There is certainly no shortage of confidence from the Smither camp. That said, he’s not overlooking his opponent either. Smither understands the importance of this fight, realizing the challenge ahead of him against a very savvy Kelly.

With The New Era card just days away, the time for talking is over. Now, it’s up to Smither to finish putting the final touches on training camp and prepare to do battle.

For ticket information to the event, be sure to visit United Boxing Promotions here.

And the bout is sponsored by a host of local supporters, including:

Written by: Christian Mota-Pyette

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Great article!!! Go Mark!