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Josh Matlow New President of the Barrie Baycats

Josh Matlow is the New President of the Barrie Baycats


Josh Matlow, new President of the Barrie Baycats
Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

BARRIE, ON – The Barrie Baycats officially announce today that former player and current General Manager Josh Matlow has been appointed new President of the organization. Furthermore, Matlow will succeed long-time President David Mills, who stepped away from his position earlier this year. Matlow’s extensive baseball knowledge and experience as a former player make him an excellent selection to take the reins and lead the Baycats into the future.

Matlow will have big shoes to fill, seemingly up to the challenge. Matlow expressed his feelings upon learning the news himself. “It was unexpected. We weren’t planning for David to step down. When the higher-ups came to me to take over, I was surprised but excited,” Matlow explained. “After some consideration, it just seemed fitting to take the role and move forward.”

Matlow found success last season in his first year as the Baycats’ General and Field Manager, rebuilding a depleted roster that had lost numerous core players and staff. “We had to rebuild from scratch after so many left us, and we still made it to the semi-finals,” said Matlow. The audition in management left a lasting impression on the Board of Directors, evidently leading to Matlow’s promotion.

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Early Days with the Baycats

Matlow attended Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, before joining the Baycats as a player. Matlow was a part of the team’s first championship in franchise history, winning with the Baycats during the 2005 IBL season. Matlow’s decision to stay with the Baycats rather than immediately return to school paid off in spades. “I didn’t go back to school when I should have, but the team (Baycats) was shorthanded,” Matlow shared. “I have a ring to show for it, so it was the best baseball decision I ever made.”

From that moment, Matlow’s hope has always been to remain within the Baycats organization. When asked what it was like winning in Barrie, Matlow elaborated, “Barrie was packed to celebrate its first championship. I get chills just talking about that moment and celebration. The Baycats organization has a fantastic culture. I’m a Baycats lifer and happy to be so.”

Matlow continues building his new era vision for the Baycats as he takes the helm. Finding the balance between acquiring high-end talent with a mature mentality remains the goal. “No toxic players or drama,” Matlow reiterated. Additionally, Matlow describes the team as an old-school style of baseball. “The players bought into the system, and the young guys are eager to learn,” Matlow shared.

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Bringing the Baycats Closer to Barrie

Beyond the team’s performance on the field, Matlow aims to have the Baycats better integrated into the community. “To me, the Baycats embody the city of Barrie. Barrie is an incredible city with incredible people attached to it. You don’t realize how wonderful it is until you get to know the people better,” said Matlow. “We are looking at new sponsorship opportunities to connect the Baycats with the city. Community events are key, and the Baycats are eager to become more involved.”

Moreover, Matlow’s transition from player to management and now as an executive has been smoother than butter. But as a true team player, Matlow credits his team for all his success – his family and coaching staff.

“My wife is the reason for my success. She’s so supportive and allows me to do what I do. With two children at home, she helps with finding the balance. My success could not be possible without her. As for my coaching staff, you couldn’t have found a better, more supportive group of gentlemen who share the passion of baseball with me.”

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

Looking to the Future

So, what’s the goal for Matlow and the Baycats in the upcoming season? “The end goal is always to win a championship. Do we need to win every year to be successful? I’ll leave that to the media to decide. But if we can put a good team together with a good group of people, I think we will continue finding that success,” Matlow stated.

The 2022 Intercounty Baseball League season is scheduled to commence on the weekend of May 20. Matlow and the Baycats will look to win the franchise’s seventh championship in eight years. Season tickets are still available and can be purchased here. With a total of 42 games scheduled this season, including 21 of those games at home, Baycats fans can get excited about a fun-filled campaign of baseball!

Written by: Christian Mota-Pyette

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