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Are you thinking about selling your home and downsizing?  It’s sure the right time to do that now in Barrie!  At this moment the interest rates are at a historical low and the Bank of Canada has locked in their rates until 2022.

This alone is a real reason for people to consider their options.  People thinking of downsizing have numerous condo options in the City, but very few single family homes to choose from.  If you are a first time home buyer, it might be a little more difficult as there is such a shortage in the market.  It can make this a very stressful time for both Buyers and Real Estate agents.  However, there is help available!


On that note, let me introduce Stephanie McRae of  Revel Realty.  Stephanie grew up with a passion for the home industry.  Each of the homes that Stephanie lived in as a child were built by her dad. In 2009, while working as wait staff in a well-known Barrie restaurant, Stephanie was tempted away by a local builder who recognized her strong work ethic, customer connections and drive.  Starting on one of the Mason Homes sales sites, Stephanie was captivated by the industry, soon wanting to work at more than new home sales.

Stephanie joins Revel Realty

Working with various builders and one other brokerage firm led Stephanie to join Revel Realty in May of this year.  She’s happy to be part of such a young and upcoming brokerage.  In fact, Revel Realty has been noted as the fastest growing independant  brokerage firm, so getting in on the ground floor is Great!


When asked if the Pandemic has changed the market much, Stephanie painted a very interesting scenario.  First, our local Realtors are protecting clients as much as possible when showing homes.  Everyone must be masked, use hand sanitizer and not touch things when viewing, with only two people allowed in at once.  

Now here’s where it gets interesting…condo dwellers in the heart of Toronto are looking for not only better value for their dollar, but being able to enjoy their community once more.  As the City is again under a strict Phase Two Pandemic ruling the entertainment sector has virtually closed down.  Many of their condo amenities aren’t open for use either.  At least here, in Barrie, there is some enjoyment left, and their dollars go further when purchasing.  Not to mention what a beautiful area we live in!

Stephanie finds that because of the housing shortage she is most carefully educating her clients right now.  Offers to purchase have become very tricky puzzles with many pieces to consider until complete.  The Pandemic has also caused havoc in the Rental industry as well.  There is a shortage of inventory for starters with Landlords facing serious new guidelines imposed due to the COVID crisis.  This in turn makes it nearly impossible for the renters – having to provide an insane amount of documentation to prove ability to pay.  This issue has seen rental costs skyrocket!!

Stephanie doesn’t see prices fluctuating much in the near future, and with over 1,000 agents in our City alone, she offers great value for her clients.  Setting up free home evaluations, cleaning services, a staging consultation, and a strong referral network of trades people allow Stephanie to assist you greatly in getting your property ready for the market.  She even has a 6′ x 10′ trailer to help you with your move if necessary!


Stephanie so loves her City and her clients that she is honored to be able to give back and does…with assistance to the Women and Children’s Crisis Center.

Remember, if selling your home has been on your mind…the time is now!  It’s a seller’s market for sure, and as Stephanie says, “It’s so much nicer making your Happily Ever After Purchases than those you begrudge!”

Take a moment and give Stephanie a call at (705) 718-8676

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