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You Can Taste the Love

You Can Taste the Love
Not often do you go into any shop and say that ‘you can taste the love.’ However, at Jay’s Sticky Buns at...
You Can Taste the Love

Not often do you go into any shop and say that ‘you can taste the love.’  However, at Jay’s Sticky Buns at 149 Welham Rd. in Barrie, you can almost taste it as you are standing outside the doors.

It Only Gets Better

You Can Taste the Love

It only gets better from that point on.  Walk into this charming bakery, and you feel the happiness of both staff and customers right away.  This is sticky bun heaven.

Never before has there been a sticky bun menu like this in Barrie.  Find everything from the Classic Cinnamon to an absolute original; the PB&J. There is simply a taste sensation for every foodie.

But That's Not All

You Can Taste the Love

But, that’s not all.  The menu also hosts a variety of cheesecakes, fresh bread, brownies and cookies.  And talk about cookies.  There are enough Christmas favourites here to fill any goodie tray over the holidays.  The menu lists Lemon Shortbread, Crinkle Cookies, Raspberry Linzers, Sugar Cookies and Ginger Molasses Snaps.  Put the coffee on and invite a friend or two to share in your delights.

All This Yummy Goodness

You Can Taste the Love

If you love sticky buns, this is the ultimate place to visit.  Not only is everyone just as happy as can be, but the prices are also excellent, choices incredible and service, well service is just outstanding.

Who do we have to thank for all this yummy goodness?  Why Jason and Charissa Nicoletti and their family, of course.  This is one of the few reasons to look back at the last year and have something thankful to say about this pandemic.  It was the reason that Jay, formerly a mechanic, turned to his passion for food.  Being laid off from his job gave him time to perfect his recipes, start as a very small business renting commercial kitchen space, and create.

You Can Taste the Love

What had started as a fun thing to do together as a family snowballed with customer satisfaction that they opened their storefront in June of this year.

'Local Love'

You Can Taste the Love

Not only that, Jay and Charissa spread ‘Local Love’ as well.  They have opened a portion of the storefront to other vendors and artisans.  You will find beautiful Charcuterie Boards by C.H. Designs, natural candles by MacKays Candles, along with handcrafted products made at Camphill (a Social Enterprise for Adults with Diverse Abilities).  There’s also custom clothing by As I Craft and Cut and assorted merchandise by We R Inkworks and Taylored to You Creations, amongst others.


You Can Taste the Love

Community is also vital to the family.  Just this month, they were able to deliver 525 Love Boxes ™ to RVH for the super Sophia project, along with various donations to many other organizations.  There is even a Pamper Box available with a special treat from each of their ‘vendor partners’ and a gift card to use on any item in the store.

Make Haste so you can Taste the Love

You Can Taste the Love

Don’t be surprised if your favourites are sold out.  If you’re not early enough, you may have to hope there’s some left.  We’ve heard of a few companies dropping in and ordering for their entire staff—what a treat when you can taste the love.

Whatever happens, don’t wait for October’s National Cinnamon Roll Day to check them out.  Head over early, and head over soon.  You’ll be so happy that you did.

You Can Taste the Love

Written By: Jane Laker

Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

We know that we love sticky buns, let us know your fav in the comments!

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