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    Where the Magic Happens!

    It’s all about the starter when it comes to the delicious Sourdough Bread at Homestead Bakery!

    That’s where the magic begins.  The starter here was developed completely naturally 8-10 years ago.

    Sourdough or naturally leavened bread is historically an incredible piece of art.  Using a starter with a long fermenting process allow enzymes to open and the gluten to change.  This lets some customers who have a celiac disorder able to enjoy bread once in a while.  It’s also great for diabetics as the process also allows the glucose in the bread to be released at a slower rate and lowers the glycemic index.  Actually for everyone, natural sourdough bread is easier to digest.  Not only that – but this Sourdough isn’t overly tangy and definitely has a lovely “chew”.

    Small Batch Crafters

    Everything made at Homestead Bakers here in Barrie is crafted by hand in small batches, using locally milled flours and local organic provisions.

    The owners, Cait Patrick and Lise Ravalli studied the art under renowned certified Master Baker Jeffrey Hamel – and we’re sure glad they did!

    Every month there are Featured Breads and Pastries on the menu offering a wide array of scrumptious goodness to every table!

    Check out their website and prepare to feel hungry when you see their daily offerings….Yummy!!

    Even Homestead Bakery Shops Local!

    Homestead also offers a breakfast and lunch menu to die for!

    Once again, everything possible comes from local suppliers.  There is maple syrup from Williams, honey from Adams Honey and as much as possible from Barrie Hill Farms in Springwater.

    There are just so many choices!  And they all look so wonderful!  There are even Grab and Go meals in the freezer.

    Just remember that you can always email, call or check out the website to see what’s new and exciting!

    And the Coffee...

    Even the coffee that Homestead makes for you, and smells so delicious – is roasted in house.  You simply can’t get fresher than that!

    The store is open for Walk-in services Tuesday to Saturday and the patio will be open in the very near future!

    There is the option to shop online with in-store pick up or their local delivery service every Thursday.

    An Invitation...

    General Manager, Nick Graham, invites you to come in, have a look around and ask all the questions you have.

    He tells us that they care about their customer’s health in general – reminding them to “Eat Local”, “Eat Healthy” and “Eat no Preservatives”!

    Enjoy Bread Again – It’s the Simple things in life that Count!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credits: Stephen Elliott

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