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    From almost the beginning of time humans have practiced the art of engraving.  Historians have found remnants of everlasting engravings in many cultures.

    Actually pieces have been found that date back over 400,000 year.  Imagine that!

    Objects of every description can be engraved or inscribed with patterns or messages.

    While the tools may have changed – the sentiments have not.

    Equipment Sure has Changed!

    In the past engraving was a design cut into metal with a graver or burin.  The cutting was accomplished by pushing the burin into the metal piece being engraved.  A steady hand and very keen eye were critical components to the success of the art.

    Pushing forward we have moved through various types of machines, ending with today’s incredible laser engraving capabilities.

    Now nearly every hard surface material can be easily personalized.

    The Possibilities are Endless!

    In speaking with Caitlin Curts of Everlasting Engraving Inc of Barrie, we’re taught that engravings completed by her can be done on wood, plastic, acrylic, glass and even paper! 

    With computerized programs the possibilities are endless!

    We were lucky enough to be invited in to see the action in process!

    Unique and Beautiful Gift Ideas...

    Caitlin’s art is very beautiful and can be used to gift or commemorate any special occasion.

    There are beautiful custom engravings to be used for special events such as weddings, birth announcements, Christmas ornaments or graduations.

    There is also quite an incredible array to choose from for corporate gifting as well.


    Right now it’s engravings with endless choices!  Everything from 3D signs in wood to drink ware or even keychain fobs.

    Imagine having a beautifully personalized sign on your front door – or business?

    A Bit about Caitlin ...

    While Caitlin’s is a start-up business, (just a year old) her passion and creativity have let her develop a strong client base with excellent customer satisfaction.

    Working from home at the moment the goal is to have a storefront available once the world reopens!

    This stay at home period has also allowed Caitlin to experiment in furthering her craft.  At the moment her focus is on customizing clocks – designed by her, as well as wood magnets.  A “save the date” wood magnet opens the door to great wedding packages of table number signs, seating chart sign, welcome sign and coasters as well.

    The magnets can also be used as corporate gifts beautifully presented with the company logo!

    It will be exciting to see the new offerings!

    Check out What Caitlin Has...

    Check out Caitlin on Facebook and Instagram or call her to order your “everlasting memory”.

    You’ll be so happy that you did!

    Written By: Jane Laker

    Photo Credit: Stephen Elliott

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